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I have signed a non disclosure with my current employer and now would like to go into business for myself. Can they stop me?

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If there is any legal reasons as to why I cant incorporate my own business, is there a way around it? Such as incorporating under someone else name? Also would I be able to use my current contacts to gain new business for my locksmith company.
And finaly, is there any contract attorney in my area thay I can send my agreement to for review.

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Your restrictions are based on the language in your agreement. In order to properly advise you of your rights and restrictions, if any, you should have your agreement reviewed by an attorney. My office can assist you with your issues.


I routinely advise clients on matters like these (e.g. non-compete issues).

Much of this will turn on exactly what you signed. Did you sign only a non-disclosure agreement, or, did you sign a non-compete agreement? Beyond that, it will come down to the specific terms. Even if you have a non-compete agreement, that agreement is not necessarily enforceable. You should consult with an attorney regarding your options.

For more information about issues related to Florida non-compete law, please see

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to call my office.


Jonathan Pollard

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I agree with the attorney above that the documents you signed are important. If you signed a non-compete, then the restrictions may be enforceable depending on the circumstances. You should speak with an attorney, a business attorney in your area should be able to help you. You should bring all agreements you signed, as well as an employee handbook or other documents to an attorney to help you answer your specific questions. This answer includes your question concerning using your current contacts.

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The contracts that you signed will need to be reviewed in order to properly advise you. Many attorneys on here, including myself, offer free initial consultations.

Natalie Guerra-Valdes

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