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I have residential custody of my son, and exwife never sees him can i get support for him, we have joint custody

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My exwife took me to court to try and get sole custody of 3 kids we have when we had joint custody , she was denied and my oldest son was emergency removed from her. Since then i now have residential custody. We still have joint of all 3 and there is no child support on either side, i spent almost 120k on court fees amd now only get ss disabilty. His mother never sees him when she is suppose to. I am broke because of court fees and get no help with him but take care of needs for other 2 kids. Can i get support she makes over 130k a year and puts not a dime towards him also she took my ss disability for 2 other kids when she was suppose to get half. I cant afford anymore lawyers fees and still owe 18k . Is there anything i can do.

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You are entitled, if you have true residency of the child, to 17% roughly of all her income and proportionate contribution to day care expenses, if any, unreimbursed medical, contribution to medical premiums and similar out of pocket expenses. Proceed to Support court (family court) and file a petition.

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We have joint custody of all 3 kids , i have residential custody of my oldest son and the other 2 live with her but i have them 3 weekends a month all , split vacations and have them all summer except for 2 weeks. She has not taken her son the 3 days a month she is suppose to since nov


If you have primary residential custody, then you should file for child support. with the income disparity, she will likely pay a fair amount. It sounds like she will be able to afford counsel---who will do his or her best to frustrate the process and overwhelm you with discovery demands if you are representing yourself. It would be wise to hire an attorney. If you absolutely can't afford one, get all of you financial documents and paperwork in order. Set up a nicely organized notebook or folder with all of your documents, and be prepared to present your case.

Best of luck with everything.



Thanks for the help i appreciate it. I documented 2 and a half years of my kids lifes and took 3 month to narrow it down to a 58 page affidavit. And she had nothing documented . As long as i dont risk losing my son . I would consider an appointed attorney as i built my last case myself. Thanks again


If yiu have residential custody, then file for child support and you will get it through the court system. It takes time but follow through and yiur ex will have to pay.

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If you have the children more than 50% of the time, you can seek child support.

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If you have residential custody you are entitled to child support.
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