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I have received an execution on money judgement

Boston, MA |

attached to this letter I have also received a notice that included my property address that said "I seized and took all the rights, title and interest and I have levied this execution thereupon." what does this mean? And what action did my creditors get against me?

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Consult a lawyer as soon as possible. If you own your home, you may have filed a homestead when you purchased or refinanced it. If so, that may protect against the creditor forcing you to sell your home to satisfy the debt. Even if you have not filed a homestead, there is an automatic homestead placed on your home under the revised Massachusetts Homestead Act ($125,000 in coverage). You can find a discussion of the new law at:

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It measn your judgment creditor is attaching your personal property to seize it and sell it off to pay off the judgment against you. Your personal property includes your possessions such as furniture, clothes, jewelry, etc.

There are some exemptions available to judgment debtors, so see a lawyer ASAP.

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It means a judgment has entered against you and the sheriff has filed it on you property. The filing, or levying, is the first step in selling your property. You really need to consult with counsel as soon as possible.


You most likely have not consulted with a legal professional and it is clearly harming you. Please consult with an attorney. At every step along the way here it becomes more and more difficult to resolve the issue favorably for you. It sounds as though some property of your is or is intended to be sold to satisfy an execution.