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I have received a letter for the declaration of oppostion from dmv. What can i do to prevent sale of vehicle by lienholder?

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My son was driving my car unlicensed and the car has been impounded. I received a letter from the dmv for declaration of opposition for the lienholder to sell car. the letter says the lienholder will be allowed to sell vehicle only if he or she: 1. Obtains a Release of interest from you. 2. Files an action in court and obtains a judgement in his or her favor. 3. Is unable to serve court documents at th address you have provided. The car is worth more than $4,000 and I am current on my monthly payments. There is a 65 dollar daily storage fee for the towyard and it is now $520. What can I do to prevent sale? Can I pay the towing fees to towyard so the lienholder doesn't get charged? Thank you for your help

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If you can get the car redeemed in time you should be fine.

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Pay the towing and storage fees and get the car released immediately so that it doesn't continue to incur storage charges.

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In most cases, it requires payment of the loan, all costs and fees and then the car will be released to you. Call a local attorney and see if this it the law in your area.

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Pay the fees. Good luck.


You must pay the storage fees in order to get the car returned to you. Do this immediately to avoid further fees. Additionally, do not let your son drive without his license because he could injure himself or someone else and he is not insured to drive if he has no license.

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