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I have received a approval notice I-797 for my I 130 but it only has my wife's name as beneficiary but son's name missing?

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Hi I am a permanent resident (green card holder) and have a approved petition I 130 for my spouse and 2 yrs old son both residing out side of US. Today I received notice of Action I-797 but under Beneficiary it only has my spouse's name and my son's name is missing. My son is a Derivative Beneficiary of this petition. My question is doe's notice of action only has principal beneficiary name on it? When do we get derivative beneficiary in the mix? All his details were on original petition(I130) on question 17C.

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Derivative beneficiaries do not need to be listed on the approval notice.

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That is normal. Derivative beneficiaries' names are not usually listed on I-130 approval notices.

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I assume this will be a Consulate Procedure, which means this case will go to the National Visa Center. Once at the NVC, your son's name should appear. If it doesn't, send your son's birth certificate and they should add it.

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derivative beneficiaries are not listed on the approval notice. They should be included at the National Visa Center. if they are not automatically included you should notify the National Visa Center to have them included.


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Derivative beneficiary's do not get a separate approval notice. As your wife is out of the United States you will be receiving correspondence from the Department of State's National Visa Center. That correspondence should include your son. If it doesn't than you can call them and the appropriate paperwork on him can be obtained.


That is normal.