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I have question over ownwership of a pet. please see the details.

Brooklyn, NY |

I have a dog in my house that me and ny ex girlfriend bought ove 2 years ago. The dog has a chip with her information as the owner and bill of sale was in her name. Since then sher had to move to Hawaii for a year and the dog stayed with me mainly cause of required 2 month quarantine for arriving pet in hawaii. Since she moved out I subletted a room to a girl who over time get very attached to my dog. Now my ex is coming back and want to get the dog back and I'm not opposed to it. But I have a hard time with my roommate who objects to it and says she want to keep thew dog and says she's ready to go to court over the dog's ownwership. What are the possible outcomes from this mess? Please help!

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Your new roommate really has no ownership claim to the animal. Neither does she have standing (a legal connection to the harm) to make the claim. If the dog is in your possession, and you agree it belongs to the old girlfriend, your new roommate has an uphill battle on her hands.

I am not admitted to practice in Florida.


Your new roommate has no legal claim to the dog.

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Your roommate has ZERO claim over the dog.

If we do not have a signed fee agreement I am not your attorney and this is not legal advice.