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I have purchased a used car about a week ago. It was sold as is. I understand that "as is" cars give trouble.

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Can I sue the dealer for not disclosing information about a wreck?I have the dealer recorded saying there is no major damage. I also have him recorded saying that he would replace the car if he can't fix what is broken. He is refusing to fix and replace the car. I have a warranty. Also I believe he is overcharging me for the car even though it has been in a wreck. I also had to buy a new battery which was not under warranty within the week. What can I do to sue or give this crook what he deserves?

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You can file a complaint with the Attorney General's office of consumer protection. You will not be able to make a lemon law claim. As far as paying too much, that is a contract you agreed and made. Your only option may be a claim that he committed a fraud if he overtly and intentionally mislead you about no prior wrecks

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Hmmm I'm not licensed in MS but I don't think you have a lemon law claim since the car was not new, but speak to a licensed attorney to determine whether the "as is" disclaimer of all warranties will stand because it is highly likely that it won't. I agree with the attorney above in contacting the BBB and consumer protection board about your complaints-- it may at least warn others about this particular company. As for the car and the repairs... Sometimes you get what you pay for. Good luck.

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