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I have overdrawn my bank account ($500). Can I discharge this "debt" as an unsecured debt in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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I get paid at the end of each month and do not get paid nearly enough to pay my bills. The last 3 months, my bank account has been overdrawn and I have deposited my check and about $500 has been taken out of it instantly to cover the overdrawn amount. I just can't continue to do this and desperately need to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Most of the $500 each month is made up of $39 fees and $6 per day continued overdraft fees. Can I open up a bank account at another bank and then discharge the overdrawn amount at the first bank on Schedule F of my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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Generally, unsecured debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy. In this case, the bank lent you $500.00 to cover the overdrawn check. That debt is dischargeable, just like any other personal loan. (Of course with all the exceptions available to other personal loans).

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Steven A. Leahy

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You have not really overdrawn your account by $500. Your bank is gouging you with fees. You should definitely switch banks before your next check comes. I recommend that you stop using a debit card and pay cash only. This will avoid your getting hit with excessive fees every month. And yes, this would be an unsecured debt for schedule F in your bankruptcy.



There is a list of debts that cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but this is not one of them.

You should open a new bank account to help you get your fresh start! You can list your current bank as an unsecured creditor and the total amount they are claiming you owe -- regardless if it is money paid out or other fees will be discharged.

If you have paid $500 each month for the last couple of months prior to filing, you will need to list the bank in your Statement of Financial Affairs as well.

Good luck!

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Yes you should open a new bank account at a bank where you don't currently have any debts, such as a local credit union where you could be earning a higher rate of interest anyway. The bank where you owe $500 is an unsecured creditor and need to be listed in your bankruptcy petition and that debt will be discharged. In Tennessee if you paid any creditor more than $600 in the last 90 days, you'll need to disclose that in your financial affairs portion of the petition. Good luck on your fresh start.

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