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I have one week left on house arrest but my last drop came up dirty for weed there giving me a ticket what can happen

Chicago, IL |

I have been on house arrest for over five months I have one week left my last drop came up dirty for weed they are giving vme a ticket today what can happen to me

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Attorney answers 3


You should not plead to the violation. Depending on the technology used, false positives are possible. Contact an attorney who is familiar with the type of testing used.

Depending on where you are located and your history, the range is the maximum possible penalty to a lecture from the judge. Make sure you talk with a lawyer before you make any decisions about how to respond.


It will depend on what type of case you have, but at the very least I would expect that a VOP petition will be filed and you will be taken into custody until the VOP is admitted or proven. If you aren't having the same attorney continue to represent you, you need to secure other counsel right away.


I don't practice in IL. You can be violated and sentenced up to the max of the underlying charge. You should fight the violation.

Edward J. Blum