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I have now been representing myself in a dui case,can i still ask for a public defender in my case?

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Yes, you can ask the court appoint you a PD for the VOP. You'll need to fill out an affidavit of insolvency and the court will make a determination whether you qualify for the appointment of the PD.

Best of luck!

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The only thing standing between you and the appointment of a public defender is a financial affidavit.

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You can ask for a public defender at any time and if you qualify, one may be appointed to your case.
Good luck


Yes, you are entitled to a public defender.

If you'd like to speak about the facts of your case, I would be happy to provide a free consultation.

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please be very careful. Judge Poole is new to the bench and you should get someone who knows him well and knows the system up there. I am happy to talk to you, please dont hesitate to call.



Yes, you may still apply for the services of a public defender. I encourage you to retain an attorney to represent you.

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