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I have no mortgage, currently pending final decision toward disabled widows benefit is there an exemption for me?

Modesto, CA |

I am under age 62, severe fibromyalgia, arthritis, de generative L-spine, sciatic, now morbid obese (at least 100 pounds overweight), have terrible mental side effects to Rx so I limit use, tapered down and off Cymbalta since May 2012, I sell anything I receive as gifts and am on food stamps, mom died and she was supporting utilities and HOA until she died, I exist by grace of God as the saying goes. Am hopeless toward winning SS case.

HOA has sent intent to sell my condo. I have no way to establish payment plan

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Your question is unclear. Please repost. I recommend that you contact an experienced Social Security Advocate who should argue that your case needs expedited handling given your risk of homelessness.

This is not a substitute for a consultation with an experienced Social Security disability attorney or advocate.


I think you werelooking for help keeping your home (?) so I have reposted under bankruptcy for you.

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Soc Sec awards can be exemptable using the Wildcard BK exemption up to $25K or so. In addition, personal injury awards are partially exemptable. If you are contemplating BK, see a BK atty before you decide, you may not have to file because it appears you are judgment proof.