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I have no money for a laywer, I have been abused, cut off from family, money, food, ins, phone. I

Birmingham, AL |

Married for over 1 yr. He has been abusing me for the last 5 months. cut off my phone so I would have no contact with my family, Cut off food, ins. money. He took all money out of bank. He would bring in food for him and his daughter and eat it in front of me. I am with my family now. Had to be put in the hospital for 2 days from starvasion. I have nothing. I have a restraining order againist him I am scared of what he might do. I would like for him to have to pay for all medical bills, laywer fees, and I want have of everything he owns. Please help me. Please. I need a pro-bono laywer that will help me in Birmingham Al. I'm having to use my mothers computer.

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Call legal services at 328-3540 or 1-866-456-4995 or apply on line at the Birmingham Bar Assocation at 205) 251-2231 and they may assist you with this request.

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