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I have no insurance and a car backed out of a parking spot and hit the right side of my car.What do i do?

Renton, WA |

I was coming out the the parking lot when a car backed out and smashed the right front side of my car in. I wanted to know if I am at fault,I don't believe I am at fault but want to be sure and what do I do considering I have no driving insurance

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The other vehicles insurance should pay for all the damage to both vehicles.

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We would definitely need more information. If you want to write everything down and send it to I would be happy to look your case over and discuss your options with you. Good luck.

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If the other driver was at fault, as it seems by your facts, their insurance should pay for the damage to your vehicle.

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Don't drive without insurance


Submit claim to his insurance co.


If you were legally operating your vehicle, you would not be at fault since the backing party has a duty to yield. So, file a police report, if you can. Document the damages by taking pictures, both cars if possible. Preserve the facts by drawing diagrams and photographing the area. Send a letter to the other parties insurance company demanding they cover all costs of repairs. If that does not work, talk with an attorney, or take them to small claims court.

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He is at fault for causing the wreck but you will be in trouble for driving without insurance. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? Car insurance is cheap. It is a lot cheaper than a cell phone or internet and I bet you have both of those. Get it now and stop risking criminal charges over it.

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