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I have no assets, barely make enough to live and am in a custody battle that has gone on for 6 years. How do I hire an attorney

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I have no money for an attorney and it has resulted in him getting the property of any value in the divorce and custody of the children. There are serious issues of parental alienation and he has violated the court order on several occasions but the judge doesn't seem to care. Is there any way that I can hire an attorney with no money? Can't he be asked to pay for attorney's fees?

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This is not a criminal defense question. Perhaps you would have more luck posting this in the family law section. Good luck.


There are several pro bono organizations that can help. Harriet Buhai is one. You have not provided enough information about why he got custody and all the property. That is not in keeping with the law unless there is some justification that caused the judge to make these decisions. Consult with one of the pro bono clinics or with an attorney who can give you an evaluation at no charge.

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When we negotiated the settlement I did have an attorney briefly and when his attorney offered alimony for 3 years I thought that was all I could get. When i asked my attorney what my options were she said we could go before the judge but I could get less since my ex gets paid cash for constructions jobs so I took the $650 mo for 3 years and he got our house in Oregon which only had about $10k in equity and then he agreed to pay about $3000 in bills that he still hasn't. As for custody of the children, I was alone in the whole situation for the first several years of the process and he moved in with his parents and sister and they backed each other up and social services got involved and he said his attorney told him that if he told the truth they'd take the kids from both of us and I didn't know if he was right. I agreed to a plan and then he became the textbook example of parental alienation and the kids were too young to be heard but now they are and I don't know how to make that happen either. The social worker at one point told me that if he reported what the kids had told him about their father that they would be in foster care and they said I didn't want that. I didn't know what to do. I still don't. I've tried to reach the attorney I had at the time but have had no success.


He could be required to pay for attorney fees if indeed he has the income and there are assets in the estate that could be liquidated to pay for attorney fees. Is there a legal aid foundation in your area that could help?