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I have my first probation meeting in Gwinnett County tomorrow, but the whole state is currently closed due to snow.

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I live in NC and the storm is moving my way. I have left messages with my PO asking if I can reschedule but they have not answered. I am assuming the office is closed, but it is not listed on any of the lists of closings. I do not want to drive to GA in this horrible weather, but I don't want to miss my appointment either. What can I do??

In response to Attorney Lawson, if Gwinnett County Gov offices are closed, as well as the courts, the probation offices will be as well, even though they are a private company? Thank you so much.

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Your desire to properly respond to the conditi0ons of your probated sentence is admirable and bodes well for your future success. You have stated that a message(s) have been sent indicating the situation. That I no way negates your obligation to comply with the terms, so document in every way possible your efforts to date and in the future. You will likely find a message(s) at the agency indicating the hours and times of re-opening, etc. The agency will not have much concern with the extent or distance required for your travel or the incidental inconvenience related to your present circumstance. Hopefully, you hired an attorney upon whom you can rely to assist in some way to re-set your appointment with your PO. If not, you will be on your own. Absent some agreed re-set I would believe you should expect the probation people to expect to see you there on the first day they re-open after the passing storm. Prepare to be turned away, as not being the scheduled date and be prepared again to document your presence whether they accommodate you or not. Just a hint: Learn to use Certified Mail with Return Receipt to make any payment, request or to confirm any announcements or directions you may receive. You are in charge now of your future. Be well.


There is also a possibility that the Gwinnett Courts will be closed tomorrow. Their closing mirror the school closings. So, check on school closings. You could also call and try to send a fax to your probation officer.


It is interesting that you have to report as most out of state probationers are allowed to report telephonically or via mail in....nonetheless, leave messages on the PO's voicemail and fax something to them as well. Also, check out the website for closings to see if the Gwinnett schools are closed. If they are closed then the courts will be closed as well. Finally, I would suggest that you contact the lawyer who represented you and seek his/her counsel in this matter.


All of the above answers have excellent information. I would just highlight the importance of keeping written documentation of your efforts, contacting your original attorney (if you had one) for their advice, and following up with Probation to be sure the issue is resolved- and keeping any documentation concerning the rescheduling. I would plan on holding on to everything at least until your full sentence is resolved and possibly longer. I want to emphasize following up because I have seen many individuals just sit back and wait for Probation to contact them instead of being proactive. Often times a great excuse for not appearing is lost in such a situation.


The courts sent this email out on Friday before the snow even started. Hope this helps:

The inclement weather policy of the Gwinnett County courts will directly mirror that of the Gwinnett County schools. This policy is for the general public to include jurors, litigants and attorneys.

* If the schools are closed for students then all trials and hearings will be cancelled.

* If the schools are delayed for students the courts will resume operation at 10:00 a.m.

A Magistrate Court judge will be available at the Gwinnett County Detention Center. All

first appearance hearings scheduled to be heard at the Gwinnett County Detention Center will be held as scheduled. All other hearings scheduled to be heard at the Gwinnett County Detention Center are cancelled or postponed in accordance with the inclement weather procedure outlined above.

For county/courthouse closure information, please check the county website, listen to local radio/TV or call the county inclement weather line at 770-822-8005 .

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