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I have just obtained my medical records. They contain multiple errors and inappropriate entries and comments. What should I do?

Waianae, HI |

Records include derogatory comments by Primary Care Physician. In response to each criticism of my care, the doctor retaliates with a comment on my mental stability. She is not qualified to make these diagnoses.

In one example, the doctor neglects to mention, to me or in the record, that for 4 years, ALL of my bloodwork has flags for Chronic Kidney Disease. She repeatedly prescribed medications which are dangerous for this condition.

Last week, I outlined this situation to a Case Manager. The next time I phoned my doctor, I was informed that medical care has been terminated by the facility Compliance Officer.

Incidentally, this same CO, four years ago, actively and aggressively covered up a sex assault by an ER doctor.

I would appreciate any assistance or feedback.

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I am not licensed in your state and can provide you with only general advice. You have not indicated what the errors are. Often medical providers utilize the history from prior providers so some errors are continued on. Some errors are harmless, however, if the substance is important to you contact the providers and notify them of the errors. Written notification is always a good idea. If you are fearful that you may suffer some harm from the error report it Immediately.


The federal HIPAA statute provides a mechanism by which you can protest/correct medical records. I am not sure that it is worth all of the effort it will take. Your blood work records already state what you claim. If your Dr. was prescribing medications which are dangerous to your condition, that is a good reason to leave that doctor's care and find a new Dr.

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correct the records... you never know.... and if the doc won't correct a true error do as this article/HIPAA states and then file a complaint on the doc ... it is worth it Amending (Correcting) Your Medical Record - Georgetown University Can my health care provider deny my request? What can I do if my provider denies my request for my record? Amending (Correcting) Your Medical Record ... - Similar

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