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I have just discovered that my ex has managed to get me falsely charged with grand theft third degree felony. I am not guilty.

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...I no longer live in the country, can Florida have me extradited? He says that I used his mother's id to put myself on her credit cards, which is not true. He put me on her cards himself. She didn't even know she had any cards, as she doesn't live in the states, and doesn't speak any English. I was using credit cards in my own name. I left him because he committed domestic violence against me, and he is angry that I have custody of the children. Should I be worried about extradition?

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It is possible that you could me charged and a warrant with an extradition order could be issued. I would suggest that you contact a criminal lawyer in the Naples area and give him/her a call so that you can discuss the matter further. The lawyer should then be able to give you a better assessment of your risk of being arrested or extradited.


You should be worried about a warrant if a warrant issued. However, and respectfully, worrying about possible extradition is counter productive (at least at present).

My advise: Take a look at the following website, which may or may not contain the information you seek (not all warrants are posted online):

If you do not see it (and definitely if you do) then you may consider using the locate feature on Avvo to contact a Naples area criminal defense lawyer and retain her/him to look into your matter. With any luck it is much a do about nothing but, if not, then perhaps a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer can disprove, or case sufficient doubt on, your ex's allegations to close the matter in your absence.

I hope that I have been helpful to you.

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Don't say any more about the facts of the case in this forum. Depending upon where you live, Florida will do a cost analysis for extradition relative to the seriousness of the charge laid against you. In this case, they are not likely to bother. What they will often do if they don't want to extradite someone is simply leave the warrant outstanding to see if you get arrested in America within the statute of limitations for the charge and, if so, they may extradite you to Florida from the other state.


I'm a lawyer in Naples. The answer is to get ahead of this. Try to Prevent Extradition Issues and explain through your lawyer to the State Attorney that you're the victim not the criminal. Don't wait. It will only cost you more in time and money.

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