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I have just completed my means test for bankruptcy and got my certificate ,how do i know if im still eligible for a chapter 7

Sapulpa, OK |

On the certificate it states an agency puruant to 11 u.s.c. $ 111 does that mean i have to file a chapter 11 i am just a normal worker i dont have a business i work for a company i dont own it

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no, that does't mean you have to file chapter 11. It's simply the title number of the United States Code that's relevant to bankruptcy. I am sure the choice for you is between 7 and 13, though I don't know what your income or situation is.

This is AVVO, a place for users to obtain general legal information to general legal questions. I am glad to help you in any way I can, within those limits. I wish to make clear I am only communicating with you for the sole purpose of exchanging such general information, and nothing more. It is not legal advice, which I can not provide because among other reasons I know few of the necessary details of your situation. I do not purport to represent you in any way, shape or form. Of course, if you would like to seek out my services, and if you are a NY resident, I will probably not put up very much resistance but representation would still necessitate a signed retainer agreement between yourself and I. Thank you.


i Think you completed the mandatory credit counseling class which had nothing to do with your eligibility for chapter 7.

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It sounds as though you have done your credit counseling. The means test is something completely different. It is part of the forms that must be completed and files at the court when a case is opened. It is complicated. I recommend that you retain counsel to assist you - it is challenging to file on your own, and it can be filled with pitfalls for the unwary.


I truly hope you are not doing this on your own. You may lose property, money, and other assets if your bankruptcy is not done right. Eligibility is only part of the equation and the means test alone is not the only thing to consider. It sounds like you complete your mandatory credit counseling, but have a lot of work to do yet.

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