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I have invested 10.000 on a big construction co. who went in to chapter 11 for some fraud reasons, should i get a lawyer.?

Charlotte, NC |

now the case has been going on for like 8 or 9 months, I try to get some info about how am I going to get my money back by calling the trustee's office and they were pretty nasty,, is it too late to get a lawyer or not?

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Attorney answers 1


It is never too late to get good legal advice.

As for the Trustee’s office being nasty, they are not permitted to give you legal advice and I suspect many people call asking for legal advice. I’m not saying this is a good excuse for not being polite.

You may want to file a proof of claim in the case, which you will need to file if you hope to recover any money through the bankruptcy.

Also, chapter 11 cans be short, like GM’s (a few months), or take a long time like the realtor Ames (in bankruptcy for going on 10 years) and then some asbestos manufactures have been in bankruptcy for decades.

Good luck.

Robert Kovacs