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I have had my adoptive son for 10 days under 8 months. It was almost final, but i got a dwi with him in the car. 2 months ago.

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they took away to foster care. last night. I have been seeing 2 therapists and going to AA, been to inpt rehab for 10 days and doing on-line treatment. I start going to out-patient treatment on 11-28. The out-pt treatment could not get me in until this time. . I have done everything I can. THe court does not believe me that I have quit drinking and said i was lying to everyone about how much I drank 10 months ago. I got by dwi and cild endagerment on 9-21-12. The Judge is pissed at me beyond belief. Do I have any chance getting him back? My and my husbands heart is shattered. Do I have any hope for an appeal?

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This is more a question for an adoption/family law attorney then a DUI/Criminal Law attorney.
With that said, you first deal with your issues and then deal with the child. You have to be WHOLE first. It sounds like you were lying some 10 months ago unless all of these alcohol issues started after 10 months ago? I assume NOT. Go to classes. Deal with court and make the best deal you can with the DUI that you have. Do AA and complete the programs. DO NOT RELAPSE! DO NOT DRINK!
Then focus on the child. Then you will be whole and you can focus on the child and show the court that you can be the parent that you need to be. This is the only shot you have.


Hire an experienced attorney if the one you used for the adoption is unavailable. His/her conduct with the court may save your chance of adoption. The court has great discretion in matters involving the best interests of the minor child.

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