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I have gotten a subpoena from something that happened in 2011 I don't remember what happened at all what will happen?

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I am the victim so the assistant attorney said but I do not remember nothing what happened I forgot my memory isn't all that good what can they do if I forgot?

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You have to testify truthfully. They will probably have some documentation which they can show you to refresh your memory. The court will then have to determine, based on the testimony regarding the event generally and your testimony if it is credible that you could have forgotten everything, or if the court thinks that you are simply saying that because you don't want to be involved in the case. What happens in the case overall depends on what other testimony besides yours exists. If you have any sort of documentation of a medical problem or injuries that caused memory impairment, you may want to consider providing those to the state attorney, but you may also want to consider retaining your own attorney and discussing that with your attorney first. Particularly if you have some fear of the perpetrator.

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As long as you are truthful nothing bad will happen to you. The State may try to use any written statement you wrote to help refresh your recollection. As long as you are honest you have nothing to fear.

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The State will attempt to refresh your recollection.

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This is a simple solution -- you state what you remember, truthfully!

Faded memories happen and you will never be punished for failing to remember if that is truly the case.

Best of luck!

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