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I have good opportunity to buy a cheap condo from the guy,who is under federal investigation.

Tampa, FL |

is there
any chances goverment can take away from me this property if he will get arrested?

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I would worry about forfeiture, some way they could have a prior claim on it. You could visit with a federal defender, see if there is more information.

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If the condominium is being used for criminal purposes, it can be seized by law enforcment agencies. If you want to buy this condominium, you should consult an experienced real estate lawyer in your area and make sure that you get title insurance.

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Depending upon what he's being investigated for, you might want a home inspection (meth lab?) and/or worry about your safety from those who may not like him, and not know when he's no longer there...

My advice, of course, is general and based on very little knowledge of your personal situation, and I am licensed to practice law only in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. You should retain legal counsel and review you situation with him or her, if it has significant financial or other implications. <a href="" target="_blank">Visit!</a>