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I have full custody of my son and have went to court to set up visitations.

Rome, NY |

My assigned attornery i feel did not care much on my behalf and now i am driving 20-30 min every weekend to a utica family center where the visits are supervised (I requested supervised he is a ex convict,dangerous and drug usage) I work mon-friday out door by 7am latest dont get home till 5:30p, if weather is good.My son goes to a full-time daycare/preschool. Every saturday i must drive to utica (gas i CANNOT afford! As well as mialge on my car) for two hrs a day. During the winter months i rarley go any where with my son, less time in car better. I need help with revising the visitation to every other and to rome which is more safe for my son and inexpencive for me. But my lawyer is telling me no because its whats best for father!! No license no job!!! What can i do??????

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Without having all the facts of your case, you can let the Court know that you do not feel that it is in your child's best interest to sit in a car every weekend for approximately 2 hours and that because of your current financial situation, it costs a lot of money to fill up your gas tank with fuel for these trips, which is money that you do not have.

Have you done any research on whether there is a supervision center in Rome, where your son and his father can meet. If the Father does not have a license, is there going to be a way for the Father to get to Rome? (is there a bus he can take?)

The Court is likely going to want the Father and your son to have visitation. The Court generally feel that it is in the best interest of children to have visitation with their parents, even incarcerated parents. Therefore, if you are going to address your concerns about the location and the frequency of the visitations with the Court, you should be prepared to answer where an alternative location for visitation could take place and how the Father can get there.