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I have friend who just got released from prison in march this year facing a possession of firearm can he beat the charge?

Delray Beach, FL |

i have friend who just got released from prison in march this year now he is in county jail awaiting trial for a possession of firearm by a Florida convicted felon an for resist officer arrest without violence he decided to take it to trial an he just got arrested the second week of September an on his first appearance he decided trial an now he is awaiting it my question is can he beat this charge at all? an he was in a car when it happened an sitting on the passenger side

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Are you serious? Do you really expect someone to give an opinion on that with what you have given? We need a lot more information to make an educated opinion.


contact a attorney.


Of course he can, whether he will or not is another question entirely.

No-one can tell you what will happen in a criminal case. There are no crystal balls and no one has true insight into the future. (I assure you that if I could tell you whether or not your friend would win his case then I would instead use that "power" to pick 6 lucky numbers, plus a power ball, and I'd be on my mega-yacht in the Mediterranean hosting the Swedish bikini team in a champagne drinking contest.)

I suspect that its going to be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to get an answer to your question on line as the decision of whether or not to go to trial is personal, most serious and can only be made after careful analysis and consideration of all of the facts and circumstances. Your friend needs representation and when he gets it he should listen carefully to what his lawyer says. His charges are, in and of themselves, quite serious, but he may also qualify as a prison release reoffender which would trigger minimum mandatory sentencing.

Good luck.

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You've provided no facts of the case. As such it's impossible to advise you in this matter.

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