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I have five trafic tickets is there anyway to ask the judge to merge them, ad if So will this turn them into a Felony?

Atlanta, GA |
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It depends on what the traffic tickets are for and whether or not you got them all at once or separately . it is usually easier to get a judge to merge the tickets or a solicitor to dismiss some of the charges if it is the result of one incident. For example, suppose you have tickets for Driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance, no tag and speeding. In Chatham County, if you show up to court with proof of a current license, insurance and proof that you got your tag--they will dismiss those citations and fine you on the speeding ticket. Many times--if the speed isn't too excessive [not 100 MPH in a 55]--the Judge may even reduce the speed to save you points on your license.

A DUI (or any other criminal charge) cannot be expunged unless you can show that there was some kind of mistake made. For example--your brother was driving and plead out under your name.


go to the internet and research the follwoing case. it will give you direction as to how you should handle your case.

Supreme Court of the United States
Josue LEOCAL, Petitioner,
John D. ASHCROFT, Attorney General, et al.

No. 03-583.

Argued Oct. 12, 2004.
Decided Nov. 9, 2004.

Background: Alien sought review of the Board of Immigration Appeals' (BIA) order that he be deported because his conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and causing serious bodily injury in an accident, in violation of Florida law, was an aggravated felony. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit dismissed his petition for review.