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I have filedbk. Pro se ch 7. Cant pay a lawyer because im broke spent hours gathering information. Am i safe

Florence, MS |
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There is no way to answer your question. Are you safe in what regard? Did you list all your assets correctly? Did you list all your creditors? All of them? If the dect was sold or transferred to another party pre-petition, did you list the new creditor or debt buyer? Did you list all your exempt property correctly in order to protect your assets? Did you disclose any transfers of property in the last 2 years? Did you pay any family members or insiders in the last 12 months?

I hope that you are safe. It is just not possible to tell from here. Good Luck!


Who knows? We can't possibly have any idea what you filed, whether it was done correctly, whether you need to file, and many other issues.


Bankruptcy, even a fairly straightforward chapter 7 petition, poses many legal and procedural challenges. As much as I would like to help, the petition, statements and schedules each represent bankruptcy issues individual to the particular debtor's financial state of affairs. Here's a general summary of bankruptcy: BLUE LINK BELOW

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Safe from.....? What exactly?



Well. I just don't know how the trustee or the court for that matter will respond if I have even the slightest error in my schedules. Also a student loan is involved. I know it probably won't be discharged but will I still be able to get a discharge in the bk even though I had to list it.

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