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I have filed for a divorce in Il and have been living seperate from my husband for 5 months. He expressed he wants custody.

Chicago, IL |

I have started seeing someone within the past month. The children are unaware of our relationship. My husband has mentioned that he knows about my relationship. My husband has only seen the kids 3 times and has provided little to no financial support for them. I have asked him to establish some sort of visitation schedule with no success. Will he be able to take my kids from me based on my relationship with this man I've been seeing?

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If you've filed for divorce, and there's a disagreement regarding parenting time/custody, you are required to undergo mediation regardless of the county this is occurring in. In Cook, Mediation (for now) is free, but we're seeing 5 month return dates. Without knowing more about the pleadings involved, that's all I can say.

Best advice I can give; talk to a family law attorney in your area for specific guidance.


Based on the above, it is unlikely. I would need more info.

For informational purposes only. Not legal advice.


Without knowing more facts that would lead me to answer otherwise, your involvement with another person is not, in itself, a basis for your losing custody. Your relationship with the third party does not necessarily reflect on your ability to parent.