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I have false misconduct allegations by my university. What type of lawyer do I need to contact if I need representation & help?

Tacoma, WA |

I began a petition about concerns of a teacher who was new and was causing lots of difficulties for a majority of the students. I received 23 signatures out of a class of 40. After bringing this to the director of the program, she did more investigation and spoke with the teacher about it. The teacher then brought up that two students have claimed that my intentions were racial and gender biased (and I'm a female minority like the teacher so it makes no sense to me). I know for a fact that I never made those statements but the director has called in other "witnesses" to confirm the statement, however, all of this I believe is hearsay and an invalid argument. Now I am approaching an informal hearing with the University's student affairs. What type of lawyer do I need for my case?

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The general field is administrative law, the narrow niche is university and college disciplinary matters. But what (and who) you need is defined by what you are facing. Are you faced with charges of inappropriate conduct? breaches of any code of student conduct, academic, social, etc.? If not, you may not need an attorney at all. I am always uncomfortable when people go before any kind of tribunal because I know that, no matter what you say, it can backfire and become ammunition against you in a subsequent proceeding. So, less is more? Can you hew to that?

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