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I have expired tabs and I've got a ticket marked as a "trafic" I'm not sure if it will effect my insurance payment. Is it?

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I never get a renewal letter for this vehicle. I've got my current insurance and I'm always pay my tabs fee. After I've got the ticket I paid my tabs fee online in the same day. I heard that in WA its not supose to go to your record, so it will not effect my insurance, but why then my ticket marked as a "trafic"?

Now I anderstand very clear the differense between 'traffic" and "non traffic" marks on the ticket. Thank you very much for complete explanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just want to added the code which is on my ticket: RCW license tabs espired less then 2 month) So, is it non moving vialation code? Plus just want to ask, accourding to my research if I pay my ticket before 14 days after I recieve it, with a prove that I did renew my tabs, then my fee will be reduse to $80? And again,my main question : the code RCW is non moving vialation? And it vill not effect my insurance payment? Will wait for your response and thank you very much again!!!!!

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This is a really good question with some other good information here, so let me try to deconstruct some assumptions here that may not be accurate but results from somewhat confusing information.

The short answer is that a tabs violation has no effect on insurance premiums, although your ticket is properly marked traffic (read on to see why). Not everyone gets their renewal letter - it's your obligation to keep the tabs current, but sometimes mail doesn't get delivered and sometimes the DOL has the wrong address. State law expects you to notice when your tabs are expired and to renew them, regardless of whether you get a courtesy reminder.

Now, for the long answer. A civil infraction is a noncriminal offense for which the penalty is a monetary fine, but no jail time.

There are two kinds of civil infractions in the State of Washington - traffic, and nontraffic. When you think "traffic," think traffic or motor vehicle code, as opposed to nontraffic, which might be consuming an alcoholic beverage in a city park, to give just one example.

Traffic and nontraffic do NOT mean moving and nonmoving. So why is a ticket marked traffic if the offense is a tabs violation? Because a tabs violation is under the motor vehicle code. Moving and nonmoving (which is not marked on the ticket) is something that most lawyers know, but it's not required that the cops tell people which offenses affect insurance and which do not. There are violations marked "traffic" that are nonmoving, and ones that moving. It really depends on the offense(s).

What are the other differences?

1. Traffic means that failing to respond can result in a license suspension; nontraffic means that failing to respond is a crime (this is spelled out on the ticket you received);

2. The State keeps this information for statistical purposes in gathering information about how many infractions involve traffic laws (most infractions) and how many do not (nontraffic such as parks, or fish and game violations).

3. People's rights. See #1 above. The penalties for failing to respond to a notice of NONTRAFFIC infraction is higher as it can include jail.


As the other contributor noted.... This is not a moving violation and should not affect your rates.

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