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I have criminal record in Canada i want to get married here Du i have a problem riciving green card

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i apply for my pardon there in Canada but i didn't received yet i receive a letter from the Canadian pardon and they told me my application still in process . why should i do

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What, exactly, is your criminal record? You haven't given enough information. It's like going to a mechanic and saying, "there's something wrong with my car, can you fix it?"

What were you convicted of? What is the basis for your pardon request? That will be a good start.


Depends on the criminal record

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depends on what charges you have been convicted of


Depends what it is for, but it may be an issue. You definitely have to consult with an immigration attorney on this.

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You may, it depends on the conviction.

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The answer to your question depends upon your criminal history. Certain crimes can prevent you from becoming a permanent resident, some do not. In some cases, a waiver of inadmissibility may be available depending upon the crime involved and whether you have any family members in the United States.

Generally speaking, simple DUI is not an inadmissible offense in the United States (unlike Canada), but must be disclosed, even if a pardon is obtained. A complete review of your criminal and immigration histories is advisable before filing any applications. Consult with an experienced immigration attorney who can review the facts of your case, advise you as to the options available, and recommend how best to proceed.

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