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I have burns from a spa

Yonkers, NY |

I had an armpit waxing done about 3weeks ago and notice I have burns covering both armpits the day after? I haven't been to any doctor or phoned the spa since that day can I sue them?

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As everyone knows, you can sue anyone for just about anything. The issue is whether you can recover. Unless the burns serious it is highly unlikely that you would recover. You would need to prove your case with medical records. Since you did not deem the burns serious enough to see a doctor I doubt they were enough to make a lawsuit, or even a claim worthwhile.

Best of luck.

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This will likely, and most fortunately, pass. Nevertheless, be precautionary. Take photographs and go see your doctor. Waiting 3 weeks does not help you (or, potentially, a case).

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It can only be assumed that with the passage of 3 weeks the burns (actually, rashes ?) are getting better in appearance, not worse, otherwise you would have been expected to have gone for medical treatment. Additionally, and although it has been suggested that you take photos, it will again be presumed that the "burns" do not look anywhere as bad as they did immediately following the waxing; and likely have fades - at least to some extent. The point of all of this is to address not whether you have a legal claim against the salon (questionable, at best - meaning it could go either way), but to address the realities of your situation. And that reality is, respectfully, that your injuries appear to be minor and therefore the cost in expenses and time to prosecute this type of claim would more than likely outweigh any type of compesatory recovery you could hope to obtain, even if successful.


If you sustained permanent injuries than you should consult an attorney to investigate the incident and advise you.

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Depending on the severity of the burns and whether they result in permanent scarring, you may have something worth pursuing.

I suggest you contact a local medical malpractice attorney. You can find one here on Avvo. Good luck.

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You should certainly consult with the physician if your condition does not subside on its own. You should be aware, however, that laser hair removal has the potential to result in a condition called hyper pigmentation. This is not only a known potential result but most spas typically include an advanced notice of that possible side effect within their paperwork when you become a customer. Thus, it may be unlikely that you are entitled to recovery but if you are unsure seek legal counsel who can assist you.

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If you have an injury, then you should see a doctor. You can also see an attorney about the possibility of a lawsuit. Since you have waited three weeks to see a doctor, it is unlikely that the injury will be worthwhile for an attorney to pursue. Good luck.

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If the burns are serious, have a local personal injury lawyer investigate.


If you're injured, seek medical treatment and an experienced personal injury attorney to investigate further. Your biggest hurdles will likely be proving that the spa caused the injuries as well as proving that your damages are severe enough to warrant the expenses of a case. Best of luck.

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This is not uncommon, it will probably go away after a week with no scars. If it does not you should see a doctor and possibly sue if there is permanent damage or scarring as lawyers will not take a case without serious injury.