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I have bench warrant for Fta can I not go to jail

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I have Benchwarrant mis Fta on my dv review and progress wich i have my cirtificate of graduate 52 weeks and progress reportI thought it was today not last week and reasonI lost the hand made peace of paper the court put my next court date on i. Wasnt even a proper form I have no prior Fta

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You need to reolve the warrant, the longer t takes the worse it looks. Get to the court with the documents they want. Hire an attirney to help... If it was a minor mistake the court will take it into consideration but take care of it nw...

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I agree, the longer you wait the worse it will be. One of us local Avvo attorneys can take care of this for you if it is not a felony. If you haven't been violated before on probation there should not be any problem as far as you needing to go to jail.

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If you are complying with your classes and you motion your case up, there is a good chance you will not go to jail. As a rule, you should never just let your case move into bench warrant status. If you didn't complete the program on time, always ask the Judge for more time. This method is much better than just not going.

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You need to resolve this as soon as possible. You should contact the attorney who originally handled the matter for you and have the case placed on calendar to lift the warrant as soon as possible.

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Contact your original attorney or their office and make sure this is dealt was ASAP. The initial reason why you weren't in court can be explained, but continued delay in resolving the issue cannot.

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Have a lawyer schedule your appearance , produce your completion of the course and the bench warrant will be recalled . If no prior FTA's , your attorney should be able to keep you out.