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I have been without hot water for 10 days and landlord keeps brushing me off. Can I sue?

Uvalde, TX |

My hot water heater broke 10 days ago and now we have a water leak and all they did was shut off the water to one side and not fix it.

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See pages 11 through 17 of this publication:'RightsHandbook.pdf

This will give you a thorough and DETAILED description of your rights and remedies and the procedures you need to follow. At this point, if you have not originally given notice of the problem in writing by certified mail, it sounds llike you need to go to the step where you would provide the second notice by certified mail. 10 days is more than a reasonable time for the landlord to have fixed the problem, so start with the step discussing the second notice in writing. Good luck.

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Thank you for that. I sent them a written notice and the problem was correct. But now I face a rodent(mouse) problem I just gave them a notice on Thursday about and no one has contacted me as of yet. I thank you for all of your help. I gave them 5-7 business days to send someone to fix the problem or I am moving out because thats too hazardous for the baby.

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