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I have been suffering blatant violations by the Alabama DHR for two years. Local law refused to take my report/proof of libel.

Birmingham, AL |

After domestic abuse caused son to be jailed, mother of girl is a county DHR director. She has openly slandered me; to attorneys. The girl posted libel on me which states she reported these false things t. The entire State DHR knows what is going on, now for two years as on a CANs opened on me and is still going on. One case was dismissed and closed by Court as I had proof of ; but, as I am still being harrassed-All to keep me from seeking custody of a 3-year-old granddaughter, I need to file this libel; but, local officials kept sending me to another jurisdiction. Her mother buries all police reports and manipulates even my home evaluations; and her mother obstructed a pick up by the State and she is still in her position. I need to know where to file these criminal acts.

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Defamation lawsuits are difficult, and without a large monetary loss, you'll likely pay a defamation lawyer thousands or even tens of thousands more than you would likely recover, however, you can call a defamation lawyer in your state to discuss representation. I'm sorry, but my firm does NOT handle defamation. Good luck.

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