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I have been separated from my ex now for4 years. a divorce complaint filed do I finalize the divorce

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My ex husband has a severe drug problem, he has been in jail going on four times in 3 years.extensive drug and theft. charges. he has not paid child support at all and is currently 14,000.00 in arrears.I had paid a lawyer to file a complaint 2 yrs ago.I donot have any money or time wth 3 children to hire an attorney. I would like to finalize the divorce and have him completely out of my life as well as my children.custody is not an issue and we have had no assets. is there any way to get the judge with his past history to sign off and grant me the divorce,or how do I go about finalizing the divorce

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contact the court and ask to speak with the judge's clerk. First, confirm that your div case is still active. 2 yrs is a long time without a judgment being entered. Have you returned to court for any hearings? If the case remains viable, then describe your situation to the clerk. Second, You will need to prepare a judgment of divorce. Forms may be available from the clerk that can be utilized for a simple div. Lastly, you will need to schedule a hearing to present the necessary proofs, along with your judgment of div for entry. Let the clerk inform you of the proceedure that your judge utilized. With a little bit of work and assistance from a few people, you can get it done


If you have filed divorce and have no issues that were raised in your complaint, you need to sign a two year separation form 3301(d). You then need to serve your husband with a notice that you intend to request a decree (on the proper form) as well as the proposed decree and a praecipe package which details such facts as when he was served, etc. You wait twenty days after you give him notice and then file that package and the Judge will sign a decree without you needing to go to court. This is only if no issues were raised to divide assets or for alimony by either of you. If those issues were raised, you need to ask for grounds for divorce instead of a decree and then a hearing. It is not complicated but the forms can be confusing. There are a few good books out there with forms, but it may be easier and quicker to have a lawyer finish it. It should be rather cheap, we do it for $ 375 if this is all that needs to be done.