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I have been separated for 3 years and still no divorce. What is a QDRO? How can I get my divorce?

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I have been separated for 3 years and still no divorce. What is a QDRO?

How can I get my divorce?

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I would need to know if you have been legally separated per a separation agreement, what, if anything is happening with your divorce.

A QDRO is a qualified domestic relations order used to divide retirement benefits in a marriage.

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A QDRO is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. This comes after a final court order in the case. If the court, for example, has ordered that a pension or other such asset be divided 50-50 between former husband and wife, then the attorneys prepare the QDRO, which directs the pension company or other financial institution to perform surgery on the account and to create two new accounts in accordance with the terms of the court order. It sounds simple, but QDROs rarely are simple. I could describe an appendectomy in a sentence or two. But I wouldn't recommend that anyone other than a surgeon actually do one.

You can get a divorce by filing the correct paperwork in the court with jurisdiction. It is a good idea to have an experienced attorney do this for you. The reason I say this is that the QDRO is only one of a number of procedural issues that an experienced divorce attorney has been through before.

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The divorce does not happen automatically ... you have to ask for it. Have you done this?

This is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, a means of distributing qualified retirement assets in a domestic action.

Sounds like you need a consultation with a real, live lawyer competent in Matrimonial law, so that you can get an understanding of your options in this matter.