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I have been psyically threatened by another student in front of an instructor and now im being told im possably facing suspencio

Colorado Springs, CO |

i know the school has a 0 tollerence pollacy aginst violence and this is a breach of contract with wyotech what can i do

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I would sit down and talk with an attorney (most give free consultations) to review the policies and procedures of the school and to learn exactly what behavior the school is concerned about. If you are the victim of the bullying and the instructor can verify that, I am unsure as to why you are looking at suspension.

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It seems likely that there is a factual dispute at the bottom of this situation or else you would not be facing potential school discipline.

In all events, it is unlikely that there is a potential damages action available to you. More likely, you will have administrative appeal rights against any charges that the school may bring and any discipline that the school may impose. You will have the right to counsel in that situation, but not at public or school expense and most likely you will need to retain counsel on an hourly fee basis. In the absence of a claim for damages and a likely basis for high recovery (both very unlikely in student discipline matters), there is no basis for a contingency fee agreement for legal services.

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