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I have been placed on unsupervised probation for 6 months for DWI. Can I travel abroad even while I am on probation?

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Usually if your probation is "unsupervised" you are free to travel, unless the court specifically brought up a travel restriction during your sentencing. Carefully review all of your paperwork. From the very limited details you've given, it doesn't look like it will be a problem for you though. And of course, if you had an attorney for your case be sure to contact him/her and ask this question too!


Depends on the country. I think Canada is a no.

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You need to review the conditions of your probation. If you had an attorney, this is a question you should ask him/her. In most situations, unsupervised probation means, in a very distilled way, that you simply must not commit any further crime. However, there are plenty of situations where the judge imposes additional restrictions (i.e. do not consume alcohol, do not drive until properly licensed, etc.). The only way to answer this question is to review the judgement and terms of probation. If you no longer have those documents, you are either going to have to resort to your last attorney or hire a new attorney to research this issue for you.

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With unsupervised probation you are free to travel absent some special condition of your unsupervised probation term. You can obtain a copy of the complete judgement in your case from the clerk's office.

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