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I have been on probation, and my probation time is over. My probation is paid off, and my court fees will be. I got a letter in

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the mail the other day from my probation that says petition to revocation due to not paying restitution. I am on disabilty and make a little over 500 a month. Pro. got transfered to another town for the past year,and my po here says i can check in every couple months, cause i am on probation for another charge. I have done everything my probation officer has said,but the probation is being revoked my the orginal po from the other town. Whats going to happen when I go to court? im in indiana, and am barely getting by the way it is.

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Probation Revocation still requires the Court to make a determination of whether or not you violated the terms of your probation. Even if the Court determines that you did violate the terms of your probation, the Court can decide to continue you on probation or order the sentence to be carried out (partially or full).

You (or your attorney) should get access to all information regarding the probation violation (typically in the form of a report from the probation department).

While I really do try to be as helpful as possible, you have to remember that every legal situation is unique, and that just because I offer you a general (or even specific) answer to your question, you and I do not have an attorney/client relationship.


You should hire an attorney to defend you in this case. You are being accused of violating the terms of your probation. It will be the court's decision whether you have in fact violated your probation. If the court finds that you have violated the terms of your probation, the judge may revoke your probation. If possible, you should try to pay the remaining resitution before the next court date.

Juan C. Garcia, Jr.

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