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I have been looking And I must say I haven't got a response. I was married for 25 years He's paid me nothing Can you Help.

Glendale, AZ |

Now I need it more than ever. I'm living in hell and where I live. There are 8 apartments in this set, 2 deal drugs And two days ago A police officer said she was going to get me out of here. I have not heard from her for 3 days I think she was just trying to make me feel better. Because of a stacker My life is unhappy, depressed, Lonely And afraid for my life. My lawyer was not there for me And let him talk me into a less amount. I have been fighting Bi-poller MSI.He did not quit when I said no He's used my mental problem. He knew how to make me do as he wanted. And my lawyer didn't stand up and say you don't want this. But she didn't And All these years I can do is keep on asking him. And there is still 9 day's to go before I get My SSDI Check. And I don't have a dime.

He owes me over 12 times 75.00 equals 190.00 I money we both paid haft and haft for 13 years. At 150.00for 13 Years dollars. so I was paying haft of the Alimony for his two step sons and the extra food they eat when his son's were here, Clothes, and when they were here we still needed to pay the Alimony to her. Had a car accident when taking his son to work. Broke my pelvic bone. And the Judge ordered him to pay 354,00 a month for7 years. But he talked me down to 200.00a mointh for three years. If he hasn't paid me on ether Would that be a default. And would go back to the first decree. They do it on loans other things can't we do it in court to. Look I need someone and I don't want to live here. And I need teeth. I hate going anywhere with not teeth. The police department to.

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I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. I do not know what your issue is. I would need to look at your orders in order to answer any question that you might have. I recommend that you have a consult with an experienced family law attorney in your area.

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