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I have been living w/my elderly mother 7 years now because she was ill. She passed away 2 wks ago. NYC Apt

New York, NY |

She had rent stabalized and section 8. I was not on either. What do I do to keep the apartment

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You will need to show that this was your primary residence. I strongly recommend hiring a tenants attorney to help you through the process.


The answer to your question will in part depend on whether you, as a 'new tenant' would be eligible for the Section 8 subsidy. I would strongly suggest you speak to management.

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First, I am sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, you are right to have to consider these issues now. Under rent stabilization, you may be able to make an argument to keep the apartment if it was your residence too. However expect the landlord to fight you, and to spend some money. Section 8 is trickier. If you need it to stay apply on your own now to get approved. But, I am not sure you will be able to get this fast enough. Call a lawyer with real estate and estates experience.


Keep in mind the landlord will argue that you do not have succession rights because you were not on the lease for the past two years.

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