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I have been informed that I have an old unpaid parking ticket in Dallas TX can a warrant be issued?

Austin, TX |

I do not recall receiving this citation.They have listed this on my credit rating and have enlisted a collection agency.The ticket is more than two years old .Do they have a cause for action?Can they interfere with my obtaining titles licenses Insurance etc. How do I get this off of my credit rating?Can they issue an arrest warrant? do I have any recourse but to pay them 55 bucks for a ticket that I have no memory of receiving?

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Parking tickets in Texas these days are usually not criminal matters that can result in a warrant or arrest. However, they are considered administrative matters and can hold up issuance of permits, etc. in the city where they are outstanding. You have experienced what can happen if they go unpaid - credit report "dings" and resulting inconvenience and hassles. It is generally best to just pay them, because the expense and trouble of fighting them is often not cost effective. That said, I have sometimes been able to save my clients money on the more expensive parking tickets, such as parking in tow-away or handicap zones. Consult with an experienced traffic ticket attorney if you have such questions.