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I have been in a contested divorce dispute since mid 2010 i have had trials scheduled and postponed 4 times what can be done?

Wading River, NY |

a custody settelement cant be reached despit 2 forensic reports recomending shared custody
every time we go to trial judge has another trial he was given with a jury and bumps us at last moment this is nor 4 times and each time moves 2 months apart in the meantime false alleg op keeps me from all i have is their anything that vcan be done is their a limitation to how long this can go spouse whom is in home wont move to a referee and is benefitting yet it is estaBLISHING me as out of the home for custody it is rigged by court

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Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. tie Court system is broken. There are too many cases for to few Judges. when you spouse comes to this same realization you will have a settlement. Until that time your case may linger in court



thanks for your honesty, true organized crime is our court system for fathers


Since it is the court that does not have the time due to other pressing matters there is nothing that can be done. Discuss any possible options with your attorney.

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