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I have been charged with possesion with intent whereas the officer has no proof that i threw something 1oclock at night

Bainbridge, GA |

i say the officer was mistaken and i still got locked up there are no prints or anything

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I think you should hire a lawyer.


You need to go meet a criminal lawyer ASAP. Do not give any information on an open forum such as this. Anything you say can and will be used against you... As my old criminal procedure professor once said... "There aren't very many mutes in prison." Don't give any potential evidence on a forum such as this. Go meet with a criminal attorney fast.


All it takes to get convicted is for a jury to believe the officer. You need an attorney, the sooner the better.


Your conduct (e.g., furtive movements, running, etc.) plus spacial proximity to the drugs is sufficient for a jury to convict. The officer will testify to something more than just you were present. However, according to the particular facts of your case, you may have a good defense. You need to hire a lawyer to review the officers case file.

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