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I have been charged with larceny and i have never had a criminal back round for this and no open cases what will happen to me

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i am a single mother and at the time i needed help to keep my lights, an phone on and now i am in some trouble what is going to happen to me

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If this is a first offense, and you have no record, this should be easily resolved with the district attorney's office. You can do it with or without counsel. Talk to the ADA about "continued without a finding."


The first thing you should do is get a lawyer to represent you. At the next/ first court hearing, tell the judge you are indigent and cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. You will then be evaluated by probation as to indigency. If the court finds that you cannot pay, a lawyer will be assigned to you. Let your attorney speak to the district attorney on your behalf. If you speak with the DA yourself, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law, just like with the cops. Your lawyer will be familiar with all the potential dispositions available to you and will negotiate for you. Good luck.

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It depends on the facts of the case.

Get a lawyer

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If you are facing a misdemeanor larceny, i.e. the amount taken is less than $250, you'll get a clerk's hearing before any criminal complaint issues. The clerks hearing is a great opportunity to resolve the case without creating a criminal record. Even if you do not get a clerks hearing first, the fact that you have no record will impact greatly the way your case is resolved. You should consult a lawyer, making sure to provide the details of your case, and this lawyer can give you an idea of the likely outcomes to your case as well as any defenses available.

Good luck,
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First, do not post any details here admitting any criminal act. This is a public forum, and statements you make may be incriminating.

The details of your case are missing, such as the extent of the larceny you committed. If the value of the items was less than $250, the case will be classified as a misdemeanor and you will likely be able to resolve this easily. If the value is more than $250, the case would be considered a felony, and, while you may be able to resolve it, the assistant district attorney will take the charge much more seriously.

Attorney Redmond is correct in advising you to get an attorney. On the date of your first court appearance, you should go to the probation office at the court about 1/2 an hour before you are scheduled to be there to complete the paperwork needed by the court to determine whether you qualify for an appointed attorney, which will be based on your ownership of property and your income. If you go into the court before going to probation, you will delay your hearing when you are sent to probation. Either way, the court is likely to appoint counsel for you. Generally, there is a $150 charge for this attorney, but the court can waive it or order you to perform community service instead.

While you may get more information from any of the attorneys here, your best bet is to save all the details for your court-appointed attorney. Good luck.

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First of all you need an experienced criminal attorney who has had experience with larceny cases.

The maximum penalty is 2 1/2 yrs in the house of correction. However, with proper counsel and no previous record your likely to get a CWOF or continued without a finding for 1 year and a fine.

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thank you and i will be in contact


I don't understand the the larceny the trouble that you are in?

You need a lawyer. I agree with the attorneys who advise you to request a court-appointed attorney. S/he can help you with dealing with this problem and may even be able to get the charge dismissed upon payment of the past bills.

Best of luck!

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