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I have been charge with financial transaction card fraud and indentity theft, what is the punishment I'm looking at.

Rochester, MN |

I have a history of Depression and Anexity and I was going through alot at the time, I have two kids, and one was born with some major problems. So I needed things for us, and not being in my right mind, Did some bad things.

i didn't take over 500 hundred dollars, the person I hurt, understands that I was not in my right mind, and has not pressed charges against me. This is my first and last time stealing.

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Attorney answers 3


YOu are charged with a serious crime and likely a felony. The exact punishment will be based in part on what you are ultimately found guilty for and how much was taken. Other mitigating factors may come into play as well.

All Criminal charges are best handled by an attorney. Even an attorney provided by the state is better than none at all. Get the to a criminal defense lawyer right away.
Good luck.


If you have no priors, I would suggest retaining a good criminal defense lawyer and advocating for an outcome that would allow you to have a "clean record" one day.


I agree with the others, this is something an attorney can really help you with.