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I have been arrested for FORC also, It does not give me anything else. I was told when I turned my self in that I had a warrant

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Thef of Services ( I was not the one stealing, but was charged because it was in my name. So why would it be considered forgery? Also when i was being arrested and the police saw the evidence at the time of my 1st arrested , but waited until I was released and then got a warrant for the FORC charge. What are my opinions? And is this considered malicious arrest? And if I contact the company and pay off the service bill that was legally occurred, can this case be dropped and how do I get this off my record, for I really feel that this was done because the police know that the 1st arrest was going to be reduced. And the career that I have chosen I cant have this on my record. How much will it take to retain an lawyer?

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If you obtained the service contract by using false information on your application, you can be charged and convicted of forgery (using a misrepresentation of material fact in a writing to defraud). An attorney will have to review the State's evidence against you to determine what they are exactly alleging and how much proof they have to support it. YOu cannot just pay this off now. YOu have been criminally charged. However, you might be able to get these arrests consolidated and referred to pretrial diversion (if you qualify). A successful completion of a pretrial diversion program would result in dismissal of the charges against you. Thereafter, you might be able to get the arrest expunged off your record for employment purposes. There is a new law coming into affect in July that may allow you to do so. In order to get this done, you are going to need to hire a lawyer.

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What it costs is largely up to you, depending on what you want done. A lawyer will take your case as seriously as you do, evidenced by what you're willing to spend.

Keep in mind that the arrest charges won't necessarily be the charges you ultimately face. The DA can add or reduce charges as they see fit.

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You should not take any action without consulting a lawyer. Instead set up a few consultations and hire the lawyer with the most experience you can afford. Personally I would stay away from the lawyers who have or will send you solicitations in the mail.