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I have an overtime wage case filed an in process with representation of a lawyer..However, I just found out today and I ask your

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Advice here now only because my lawyer is not available until Monday hours. I've just spoken to a former coworker earlier today, which is part of our original overtime wage lawsuit consisting of (3 former employees) And I was told that the employer told the current employees that IF they choose to SIGN AND JOIN our class action lawsuit (with us the original 3 that filed suit) THAN..Supposedly he threatened the current employees telling them that he would close his company AND they would be out of a job. Also, he mentioned to them that they would only be entitled to a few hundred bucks anyways..(WHICH IS A LIE) They've worked there years and not once got time and half for overtime pay. Plus, hour every day unpaid on the clock and Penalties illegally deducted, etc. Is this not illegal?

From my knowledge, the other currently working employees have just recently recieved the class action papers in the mail and I just found out about his threats to the employees today which I will forward to my attorney.. SO, now I hear that the employees are afraid to sign and MOST LIKELY will not sign to join the class suit at all. I feel for them because they are mostly hard working immigrants that ,,In forethought, I can understand that they look at it in the long term..As in, (Am I going to join the suit and only get 400 bucks and risk losing my job OR not join it and KEEP my job and make more money in the long run than I would get in the suit as a one time deal). So what now, they don't join the suit..And they have no future say in their owed back wages..Can the owner/employer actually close his company , legally? Hoping you understand my questions?

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I don't see why this can't wait until Monday when you can speak with your lawyer. There could be a possible retribution claim.

The above answer, and any follow up comments or emails is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.


Nothing requires an employer to continue to operate his business. He is free to close it; however, if that is done in retaliation for union activity or to retaliate for wage claims that will ad a charge of retaliation to the lawsuit. The employer is simply digging a deeper hole. Your attorney will know how to handle the information.
Best of luck to you.

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You need to report this to your lawyer.


Potential retribution claim, make sure the individuals who witnessed this behavior speak to your attorney as soon as possible.

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