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I have an old loitering charge from 1997 in New Jersey(2C:33-2.1C) ; is this considered a felony or misdemeanor?

Phoenix, AZ |

It has given me issue obtaining a fingerprint clearance card before and I wonder if it will deter my application for an RN license in AZ.

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You need to re-post your question in the New Jersey section of, and THEN ask us (Arizona attorneys) what the impact will be.

Generally, a felony conviction will bar you from obtaining a license from the Arizona Board of Nursing ("ABON"), and certain misdemeanors are problematic as well (I.e., DUIs, drug charges). Loitering is typically a city code misdemeanor here in Arizona, and not something that would necessarily bar you from applying for a RN license from ABON, but you need to check with a New Jersey attorney to make sure.


Since the matter was originally in New Jersey, you need to repost your question in that forum.

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Prbably a lesser misdemeanor, but ask an attorney in NJ.

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