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I have an Ohio license, and was convicted of a second dui in Michigan. I understand that Michigan is a *non-compact state*...

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Does that mean Michigan will not abstract the information to Ohio? Will Michigan still assess me the driver's responsibility fee? Can Michigan take my driving privileges away, even if they cannot take my license? I have a hearing scheduled in 2.5 weeks... does Michigan even have any authority over me in this case? I also refused a breathalyzer at the station, but in court I was only convicted of the 2nd dui - they dropped the refusal charge. Is this a matter of paperwork taking a long time to get processed? Does this hearing even have any bearing on my case anymore? Do I need to retain an attorney in *both* Ohio and Michigan for this? That would be $1500x2... and so far Ohio hasn't given me any restrictions, particularly with the non-compact state thing. Thanks for any help!

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It depends on whether the particular state reports convictions to Michigan. To determine this I would suggest that you place a call to the Michigan Secretary of State in Lansing, MI. I would ask for either the abstract department for driving records or the driver's license appeal board. Between the two of these you should get an answer pertaining to the state involved.

In any case, I would get and attorney in Michigan and stop driving in Michigan because you could be jailed...

If I can be of additional assistance please feel free to email me at or call me at 248-901-0750. Please also note that I answered this question with general knowlege of the law and with limited disclosure from you, my answer does not create an attorney client relationship and I cannot be held responsible for how you, the asker, use the information I provide.

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